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Modene Energie - Eine persönliche Retroperspektive Zusammenfassung Silvia Hartmann Sunday Live 21.11

Write A Book

How to write a book - and why you might want to write a book. New here? Get and understand your creativity.

Fractal Creature Says Hello!

You just do your art, and then a Fractal Creature turns up with an important message from the Fractal Universe :-)

Fractal Creature Says Hello! #shorts

A message from the Fractal Universe :-) Having fun with JWildfire 7, Xara Pro 10, CrazyTalk 8, Audacity and VideoPad Pro 6 :-) #shorts #jwildfire #xara #crazytalk #audacity #videopad #energyart #fractalart

GoE2021 - P12 - Closing Plenary: Tapping Into YOUR Miracle Expansion with Silvia Hartmann

For the finale, let's come together and TAP for our new miracles! The future is what we create, right here, right now ... let us together create a new field of miracles.

GoE2021 - P09 - New Worlds Modern Energy Art Exhibition with Silvia Hartmann

Join Silvia Hartmann for a virtual Modern Energy Art Exhibition.

GoE2021 - P01 - The Miracle Expansion with Silvia Hartmann

In this opening plenary speech to the conference, GoE President Silvia Hartmann presents on the The Miracle Expansion - a new definition, new concepts, new worlds and new possibilities!

Die perfekte Morgen Sanktorium Energiemeditation, Zusammenfassung Silvia Hartmann Sunday live 14.11.

The Alien Magic Box SuperMind Game

This is a really interesting SuperMind Energy game - the Alien Magic Box. It's important that this should be an ALIEN magic box to get past any expectation of old, known, already existing magic boxes and expand beyond that.

The 101 Of Modern Energy - A Personal Retrospective

It's the 101st video on this channel, the 23rd Modern Energy conference happened last weekend, and we're moving onto a new level. This is going to be exciting! The 23rd GoE Conference Videos Modern Energy Art course Winter 21 The Community Energist Certification Program #modernenergy #silviahartmann #starmatrix #modernenergyart

The Classic Game, Star Matrix & The Future Orientation

The Classic Game is nearly 40 years old now, and has been tested to certainty. Now, thanks to Star Matrix, its time has finally come.

*Includes my Star Memory that led to the concept of Future Orientation.

2 einfache Fragen, die Dein Leben verändern...Zusammenfassung, Silvia Hartmanns Sundays Live 7.11.21

I CAN ...

#shorts This is an advertisement for my "The Joy of Modern Energy Art" video course. People without access to their creativity are angels with broken wings, and I mean that quite literally, in the sense that the energy body (aka human spirit) cannot unfold properly if there is no engagement with those systems. The course is affordable and available here: You can see my own energy art at and here's an interesting video that demonstrates the connection between energy, and art: #art #artismagic #energyart #magicart #modernenergyart #MEA

The Frog Of Confusion - Fun & Games In Metaphor World

Metaphors are a fine thing, and breakthrough healing metaphors that can cause an instant world expansion in a lightning strike are even finer. Let's have more of those! :-)

Art Exhibition & Virtual Art Tour! Modern Energy Art Exhibition by Silvia Hartmann New Worlds

Join me on a guided gallery walkthrough of this year's virtual exhibition of Modern Energy Art at the GoE Conference! 11 pieces of Modern Energy Art through the year. You can take the Modern Energy Art video course here (it's fantastic and will expand your world!): The conference itself was beautiful. You can see it as a GoE Member so join! While we're here. I do NOT consider art as anything other than a primary "must have" for any thinking, intelligent, pro-active human being. People without access to their own creativity are angels with broken wings! Literally. I mean it. #artisforeveryone #modernenergyart #artexhibition #virtualgallery #artshow

GoE Online Conference 2022 with Silvia Hartmann - 12-13 November 2022

New online training date announced: GoE Online Conference 2022 with Silvia Hartmann - 12-13 November 2022

Exhibition of Modern Energy Art 2021 - NEW WORLDS

On November 14th, the New Worlds exhibition of Modern Energy Art took place in the virtual space and in conjunction with the 23rd GoE Conference. 11 pieces through the year of 2021 and a gallery tour by yours truly! :-)

Good Morning! The Perfect Morning Sanctuary Energy Meditation :-)

It's the 100th Energy Show! Let's raise some awesome Morning Energy! Leave a comment and let me know if you liked this! #morningmeditation #energymeditation #goodmorning #SuperMind

New Worlds – The Miracle Expansion (Keynote, GoE2021 Energy Conference)

Keynote by Silvia Hartmann, President, The Guild of Energists, November 13th, 2021


Flash into someone else's world for a moment ...

Energy Voodoo, with Swords, not pins! Zusammenfassung Silvia Hartmanns Sundays Luve 31.10.21

2 Simple Questions That Will Change Your Life (for the better!)

Can life get any better? Yes! Of course it can. There are many ways we can help it along on the way, and these two groovy questions have proven their value and their worth since 2005. Newbie? Get the free eBook here:

Building New Pathways Into Pleasure With Star Matrix - Sweet Dreams Method

Before going to sleep, find the best moment of the day. Build those life changing neural pathways that lead to more happiness!

De-Stress & Re-Empower: Magic Hands Modern Energy Technique by Silvia Hartmann

#shorts Learn a fabulous method that you can share with younglings too which only takes 2 minutes to do, is a great de-stresser and re-empowerer, and can be used to activate your Magic Hands for healing, cooking, stroking, creating ... New to Modern Energy? FREE eBook here: Join us for Oh! so much more Modern Energy fun: #magic #modernenergy #energyhealing #energytechnique #shorts

Metapher Matters - Metapher zählt, Zusammenfassung Silvia Hartmanns Sunday Live 24.10.21

Energy VOODOO - with Swords, not Pins!

Let's do some hard core ENERGY VOODOO and make our worlds a better place! Can't wait! Newbie? Free ebook here: #voodoo #modernenergy

Zusammenfassung von Silvia Hartmanns:Silvias Sundays Live vom 17.10.21 (Lets talk about miracles)

Metaphor MATTERS; The Language Of Angels

Our dear Energy Mind doesn't speak in linear language - it speaks and thinks in the language of angels, my metaphor for metaphor. And metaphor matters! :-) GoE 2021 Conference! NEW WORLDS - Register HERE New to Modern Energy? Get the core info here for free:

A Magical House Warming Gift Idea For Every Budget : The Celtic House Warming Snail

* This is a repost of an article I wrote for a magazine in 2005.*

Let's bring more MAGIC into the boring every day with a wonderful gift for any home - the Celtic House Warming Snail. Protection, safety, good luck and MAGIC itself, and you don't need a lot of money to make a super gift for the home that will be loved and appreciated. 

Zusammenfassung, Silvia Hartmann Sundays Live, 10.10.21 If you fill your Mind with beautiful things.