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New Worlds

Discovering new worlds both Here & There ... expanding our horizons. What treasures and riches will we find ..?

Little Dragon

The Little Dragon Flying :-)

111 SuperMind Masters as of TODAY :-)

Today, 16th September 2021, I posted the story of Lila, a new Sanctuary friend, to Modern Energy Art site. As Lila is so very Sanctuary, I decided to send out notifications to the certified SuperMind Masters around the world as they would "get it" - and the computer said ...


Lila is the name of a Sanctuary friend who turned up one night whilst I was doodling an anime girl. Here is her story, so far.

Dragon Story Short by Silvia Hartmann told by Lila in 1 Minute

#shorts The "Dragon Story" is a Project Sanctuary (SuperMind) creativity pattern, whereby instead of stuffing a story in from the outside, we let a story unfold from within a person. It came about when a child asked me to tell them a story. I have a billion stories to tell, but so does the child, and I was in the mood to hear a story I had never heard before. So I asked the child, "What kind of story would you love?" - and the child told me. I would offer this basic creativity pattern to the poor stressed people in the mass media production departments, who cannot think of anything new and keep cannibalising old stories in their desperation. This pattern does not consist of asking a random child for a story (although that would work too and help!), but to ask yourself, what story would I like to hear right now? What would have to be in it? What should not be in it? ... and thus generate something real, something personal, something interesting for a change. On the topic of creativity patterns, this one here is also really good fun to try. There's a story to go with it. A story the re-purposers of other people's creative output should hear, at least once in their lives. The original Dragon Story written out in wordywords is here: Project Sanctuary, now known as SuperMind, is one of the four pillars of Modern Energy. Find out more by reading my free eBook r[E]volution - and/or join my fight to bring sense back into the world of human beings and get access to the Modern Energy Foundation course, which includes a session on SuperMind, for free: "People without creativity are angels with broken wings." Silvia Hartmann

My Spark of Inspiration!

#short I was feeling uninspired, then I had a flash of inspiration that made me laugh. I clearly needed a spark of inspiration! So I made one. Still chuckling at this and I haven't really felt uninspired since :-) Isn't art just wonderful? It's MAGIC! :-) More Modern Energy Art MEA at Learn about Modern Energy for free: #inspiration #art #magic #modernenergyart

How To Make A Layer Cake Love Charm in 55 Seconds

#shorts I am wearing this charm here: See more Modern Energy Art: Comment: This video is actually quite long at just under 1 minute. Could have been shorter. All the steps to make the Layer Cake Love Charm are clear; for people with even a modicum of energy intelligence the purposes and benefits are clear, it is immediately obvious it could be any shape and for any topic, in any colour, any layerable material. Less than one minute for the whole thing to be "learned"? Fascinating, really. What are we doing spending years on studying certain things? Could that be massively expedited if we we went with what works with human intelligence? We may well wonder ... I certainly do!

Materialistic Reductionism Sucks!

I'm in the mood for a r[E]volution!

Miracle Pyramid

Whilst working on Dragon Flying, it came to pass that a sparkly pyramid wanted to be constructed ...

The Mens Are Still Here ...

The Mens have inserted themselves successfully into all sorts of areas of "normal" life. They have a day job and are a part of the family. I thought it was time to add some family snapshots as the Mens continue to play their part in the great unfolding tapestry :-)

Dragon Flying

A dragon flying, on its way to discover a new world :-)

Of Soul Mates, Couple Bubbles & Psychic Battles - It's All About ENERGY!

Things that seem so mysterious in a world where people are only allowed five senses become super easy when we get energy smart. We can finally understand how and why it happens, and from there, take much more control over our energy relationships. Destination: Happiness! Get your FREE intro to Modern Energy here: Join us! And make the world a happier place!

Digital Dreams 2021

Digital Dreams - they come in the night, around 3am, dreaming, drifting, playing in the manifold dimensions ...

Going Pro With Energy

Can you make a living with Modern Energy? Ideas, tips and experience shared, plus "Healing The World" energy exercise to feel better! Learn more about Modern Energy FREE -

Birthday Live Stream!

What Is Your Fun? Should we be taking fun more seriously?

Having more fun in our lives is said to be a good thing - but what is fun, exactly? What is YOUR fun? And how much fun is it? These and many questions will be asked today - tune in to find out more! Free introduction to Modern Energy - Join us to rise up against reductionist materialism! (It's fun!) Featuring today: The Magic Carpet and Red,

Magic Carpet

Finished just in time for my birthday, The Magic Carpet is a gift.


In preparation for "Magic Carpet," I wanted to test some reds one night ...

Overcoming Procrastination - Is "Backward Hurdling" robbing you of your future and your dreams?

Ever get the sense you're wheel-spinning in your own incarnation? A sense of urgency but it's not going forward as fast as you like? Perhaps you're backward hurdling ... and perhaps we can do something about that with the aid of Modern Energy!

Thinking With More Than Just Your Beautiful Brain!

What happens when people put their heads together? How does rapport happen? What's a couple bubble or a group bubble? And how can we benefit from finding out more about our amazing minds?


The UFO has finally landed. Here's the Modern Energy Art MEA UFO by Silvia Hartmann.

My Spark Of Inspiration

Cool Yes, that was a fun Star Moment - my Spark of Inspiration!

MEA "CupCakes" 2021

CupCakes are small square 10cm x 10cm mini-MEAs. I love making them. Here I'll collect them as they come along in 2021.

We know what the 6th Sense is - but HOW MANY senses do we have?

Has humanity lost its mind? Perhaps it needs to come to its senses.

The Wibbles

Arriving on August 1st, 2021, The Wibbles are happy creatures which can be any shape and any colour. Thus, everyone can draw their own Wibbles, and they will always be perfect :-)

Post Pandemic Stress Disorder PPSD From The Modern Energy Perspective

What is PPSD Post Pandemic Stress Disorder and what Modern Energy does to help people feel better. Get free essential Modern Energy information here:

Let's Do Some Inspiration!

Inspiration is the first step to inspired action - and inspired action produces wonderful experiences for everyone involved. Let's do some INSPIRATION today! :-)

The Golden Teddy

The other night, I was doodling without a thought, and a golden teddy appeared. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn't go away, so here it is!

The Sension Makes It Real

Project Sanctuary comes from a world where we have six senses, not just pretending to have only five. Activating all six senses in Sanctuary is what makes the difference between a bit of fantasizing, and actually being there, living there, and having REAL experience that enrich us.

I Still Have Many Questions

Following the "Universal Question," I realised that I still have many questions :-)